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Qesher Talks: SPAIN!

Sunday, August 16th, 2020
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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We are so excited to be partnering with a brand new initiative out of Budapest, Hungary known as Qesher! Join us on August 16th at 12:30pm Central for:

Golden Age, Silver Age:
Jews of Spain yesterday and today

Jewish History of Spain is one of the most glorious and most tragic passages in the history of Jewish People. For an hour and a half we'll be able to traipse together along those thrilling events and times: from the very beginning (historical and legendary) of Jewish presence and life in the Iberian peninsula, its flourishing, through its tragic interruption and into its recent revival (barely over a century ago) as part of the beginning of the New history of the kingdom of Spain and into the convulsed 20th century Europe. We'll talk of Spain's most powerful Jewish courtiers, its last built medieval synagogue and its first one to have been built after a lapse of over 600 years. We'll learn about the magic of the unique heritage of those Jewish wise men, poets and courtiers who not only formed part of the social, cultural, political and economical texture of Spanish kingdoms, but also educated and cured Spanish kings. We'll also get acquainted with the modern Jewish life in Madrid, Seville or Barcelona. See you going places and (hi)stories with us.

Federation is sponsoring 10 FREE spots, but space is limited and registration is first-come-first-served! To sign up for your FREE spot in this talk, check out our special registration link on the Qesher website by clicking here.

*10% of the profits of this event will be donated to the Reform Jewish Community of Madrid.

About the Speaker

Victoria Atlas holds a PhD in medieval Spanish culture and history from the University of Alcal√° de Henares (Spain) and M.A. in Spanish and Latin American Cultures from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has imparted lectures at universities including Oxford, Cambridge, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Complutense Universities of Madrid, and the National University of Mexico (UNAM), among others. She's also the official guide of the Historical Synagogue of Madrid, the only official guide licensed to guide in Hebrew in Spain, and a lecturer on Bible in Art in the Institute of Biblical and Ancient East Studies.

About Qesher

Qesher, connection in Hebrew, is a project for an unusual time, in which physical borders have become stronger, but we are more in contact than ever.

There are Jewish communities all around the globe with their own unique history, culture, places, and most of all people and stories. All of them different, but sharing so much. We would like to invite you to a virtual journey to discover some of these Jewish stories from around the world.

Qesher is all about connecting between communities, individuals, speakers and participants. Attendance for these events is limited to 25 people, in order to allow interaction between hosts and guests. In our partnership, we are sponsoring 10 of these spots for three different speakers. That's right, 10 FREE spots courtesy of the NLJF, but registration is first-come-first-served, so register today!

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