COVID-19 Resources

Following the advice of the CDC and the Louisiana Department of Health, all in-person Federation events and meetings have been moved online, postponed, or cancelled until further notice.

While staying at home can be difficult both physically and emotionally, we are here to help. With technology today, there are many ways to continue to learn, be entertained, and even come together as groups through digital platforms. Here is a list of just some technologies that are available to us all, as we do our part to keep the community safe.

Have you found some other great ways to manage your time at home? Let us know! Email and let us know so we can share your great ideas with the rest of the community. Or, post it to our instagram and facebook pages! (@jewishnla). We'd love to hear from you.

We will get through these difficult times together, as a community.

If you need any assistance, or know someone who does, please reach out to us through our contact form. We are here to help.